Honor Category Year Award Name Name Awarding Unit
Inside School 2018 Excellent Mentor Andy Chia-An Ku National Taipei University
Outside School 2018 MOST Young Scholar Fellowship Andy Chia-An Ku Ministry of Science and Technology
2017 行政院科技部105年度大專學生研究計畫研究創作獎指導教授(指導學生-潘冠伶) Wann-Ming Wey 行政院科技部
2017 行政院科技部106年度補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才措施獎勵 Wann-Ming Wey 行政院科技部
Inside School 2017 Annual Bronze Award of Cooperative Education Project in 2017 Ta-Kang Yeh National Taipei University