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Degrees offered in the Department of Real Estate and Built Environment
This department offers programs of bachelor, master and doctoral degrees with a high academic and professional standard to produce the future leaders. We constantly review our programs in line with feedbacks received from students and advisory boardfrom both academic and industry fields. Teaching in this department has long been held in high regard.
Bachelor program is a blend of academic rigor and hands-on practice that well prepares our graduates for a variety of careers. This program consists of fundamental and specialized courses; the former courses introduce students to foundation knowledge and the later ones lead them further into the in-depth understanding in fields of real estate, spatial information, urban and rural planning, environmental ecology, cultural recreation and land management. Having completed fundamental courses, students are free to pursue their interests through taking courses in one or two of the above five specialized fields. This tailor-made type program facilitates students to exploit their best potential. The minimum requirement for the bachelor degree is 142 credits.
Master program educates the future leaders in both public and corporate sectors. Students are required to take the courses of research methodology and quantitative or qualitative research skills, and to attend weekly seminar throughout their study periods. In addition, provision of four clusters of advanced courses enables students to find the best combination to suit their individual needs for future careers. The four course clusters comprise real estate, urban and rural planning, spatial information and land administration. The minimum requirement for the master degree is 32 credits with a thesis examined by an expert committee.
PhD program is dedicated to the production of high-quality researchers working for universities or research institutions. The PhD program is built upon the faculty members’ proven capabilities of strong supervision and research. Except the compulsory attendance of the weekly seminar, doctoral students are given full discrepancy to arrange for their own selection of courses, subject to the prior consultation with the advisory committee. Success of the PhD program is further assured through close collaboration between students and faculty members. PhD students are encouraged to attend and present papers in both domestic and international conferences. The minimum requirement for the PhD degree is 24 credits with a dissertation examined by an expert committee.
This department has established an exchange program with the department of surveying in Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. Master and PhD students are, through this program, able to take courses exempted from tuition fees in the partner department. We will in the future continue to expand our international collaboration.