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NTPU Sanxia Campus

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How to go to Taipei City from Sanxia campus
You can use the “Easy Card” to take MRT and Bus.
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If you want to go to Taipei City, you can take bus first and then transfer to MRT. Several choices are stated as follows: bus 916 and 922 to Yongning MRT station(捷運永寧站), bus 908 and 921 to Jingan MRT station(捷運景安站), bus 932 to Fuzhong or Banqiao MRT Station(捷運府中站或捷運板橋站), bus 910 to Fuzhong or Xinpu MRT station(捷運府中站或捷運新埔站), or bus 939 directly to the Taipei City Government which is located in downtown Taipei. When taking bus from Sanxia to the MRT station, you have to swipe your card twice; basically at the time you get on and get off the bus.
For more bus information, please see for schedules, maps, prices and other information.
3 bus stops near Sanxia campus
1. National Taipei University, Front Gate
2. National Taipei University, Dormitory
3. National Taipei University, Sanxia Campus